ProSellerTalk Affiliate Program

Affiliates Earn up to 40% Per Referral Every Month via ProSellerTalk Affiliate Program!

That's true! Refer other users to ProSellerTalk and earn 40% commission each time they continue their monthly membership or Earn 40% each time they renew the yearly Subscription. You can also earn 25% on the paid workshops or one time webinar purchases.  Here is how it works:

1. Get your referral link by creating an account on ProSellerTalk. You do not need to purchase to use our referral program. If you are already registered, you can view your referral link on your "My Account" page on ProSellerTalk.
2. Use your referral link to refer other people to ProSellerTalk. You can advertise your referral link anywhere you want.
3. Each time a user reaches ProSellerTalk via your referral link and registers eventually, he/she will be recorded as your referral in your account.

4. After registration, if that user upgrades and subscribes to any membership, you'll receive a specific amount of commission every time your referral is charged, i.e. every month. The amount of commission depends on the type of membership your referrals make on ProSellerTalk. The current commission structure is given below:

Silver Membership: 40% every month

Gold Membership: 25% every month

Paid Workshop: 25% every purchase

5. Your referral commission will accumulate in your account and you'll receive your commission during the first 10 days of each month if your account balance is more than $25.00. Referral commissions are paid directly via PayPal.
6. Have any questions or queries? Feel free to contact us anytime.