E commerce Strategies

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Let's face it, how you plan and market your business can help or hurt you. Understanding what your target audience is looking for and how to present it to them in such a way that they feel as if they walked into your store instead of viewing your products online. 

1. Using Videos Is Key To Your Digital Marketing

Your first thought of course is to use the videos to advertise on your platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Be creative with your videos. Use scenarios that the customer can relate to. Consider these videos on your product pages to entice your customers. Use video in your multiple email streams

Keep videos clean and simple. Give your product a 360 degree view. Videos should only be about a minute in length. 

2. Treat Product Pages Like Landing Pages

Using the videos will help with viability and help drive traffic to your brand. Your goal is for to customer to take a specific action on these pages. 

3. Don't Forget Beautiful Pics

Make your products stand out! Show outfits and ideas to spark the customers imagination. Remember pictures are worth a 1000 words. 

4. Grow Your Network

Use strategies such as coupons and referrals in a series of emails to help grow and drive traffic to your website. Email campaigns increase sales. Get visitors to your site to sign up with email. 

5. Automation

Your website needs to flow smoothly. Make sure your customer's experience is easy. If the checkout process is difficult or too lengthy, customers will tend to abandon their carts which result in loses in sales. 



  • Mobile Coupons
  • Great Content
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Detailed description of products
  •  Aftersales help 
  • Free Shipping
  • Referral Discounts


Personalize your site to give customers their own personal experience catered around their wants and needs.
Get set up with mobile platform. This will increase your sales.
Be consistent across all channels The customer's experience needs to be seamless.  
Add Reviews and Ratings Products with more reviews have a higher conversion rate. 

Live Chat Studies have shown with some companies that nearly 69 % customers used live chat.



I have written about this in a previous blog, the Omni Channel is not an easy strategy to set up but it is worth it. In 2017 85 % of brands surveyed in Europe and North American were planning on investing in omni channel marketing. Disney and Starbucks are a couple of large companies who use the omni channel experience. 
Using these strategies will help you increase your sales and build a reputable brand for your business. 
                                                                Go For It!  Have A Great Day!

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