How Do I Grow My Business In Q4 Without Capital?




  Are you short on cash this season and you do not have the money to buy inventory for your listings?
John jumped on a quick video to talk about Pro Tip Q4: "How Do I Grow My Business In Q4 Without Capital?" This is the easiest and most simple risk free way to sell inventory without a loss or spending a great deal of money.

Keep in mind the strategy here only works if you are in the store and you obtain enough money to purchase that item once you know it is sold, like using a credit card that is not maxed out yet.  This leaves us to the old adage rob Peter to pay Paul. 

   Choose a store and shop around find items that have the ideal margins. Ideal margins are at least 3 to 1 ratio. Make sure this includes shipping fees as well. Yes it is true you will need to borrow the amount to pay for the item but if the item does not sell while you are in the store, you lost nothing. Stroll through the store and list these items as Merchant Fulfilled.  This is risk free retail arbitrage inventory. If you are willing to spend a few hours in the store this could be very profitable. Q4 is the best time to utilize this strategy. However, it can be utilized also during any other major holidays. It always comes down to supply verses demand. If the demand is there and the supply is not prices rise.

These is a great way to test bundles and products risk free! If you are starting out and you have your Amazon account set up it This is totally risk free and a great way to get your feet wet. 





  Just remember to deactivate the listing when you leave the store if you do not deactivate the listing and it sells you must make sure that you are able to purchase the product and ship to the customer with Amazon's 24 to 48 hour shipping window. 

Hey Guys I see a lot of questions about what if you have no money? If you are totally out of money and do not have room on a credit card this will not work. It is true you do have to have some means of funds available to make the purchase. If you know this is a guaranteed sale you may have to borrow from a family member or friend you could give them a little interest if you build your margins correctly, or hopefully you could move some money around knowing you are going to put it back from the sales you have. These are tips I have used in the past when needed.- John Bullard Sr. 

                                                                                              Have A Great Day!!

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