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Matt Daniell joined us yesterday for a live webinar and gave a fantastic webinar full of great content! Matt known as (Mr. Hello Process), shared his story. “Long before starting a successful amazon business, I worked at a fortune 500 company for 14 years. And it taught me a lot about myself. And about life.

Every day I rode the elevator with a bunch of frowning, scrunched-up faces. Those of us who had smiles on our face were few and far between.


I served my time there for 14 long years. And I realized my dreams would never be fulfilled while chained to a desk job.


So when my amazon business took off I skipped right out the door and never looked back.”   Matt’s discussion was “Freedom & Scale Webinar w/ Matt Daniell and John Bullard.”




Three main takeaways :



  • How to replace yourself in your business.

  • The simple systems to manage your workload.

  • The little known secret every 8-figure seller has in common.



     “Most sellers don’t want to hear the TRUTH.


    They only WANT the latest software, tactics, or strategies to boost their sales. They want the “sexy stuff” and they’re missing out on the important stuff that fuels real growth.

    More often you have to slow down before you can go fast. If you don’t have your house in order, you can’t handle the growth, and you’re gonna burn out.

    This isn’t sexy… but it's necessary.”- Matt



    Matt spoke about burnout and feeling as you have when your business has not progressed as you have planned or stuck at the same income level for months at a time.

    Let’s be honest, there are some training videos and programs that make it sound so glamorous and easy to start your own business and find products you can sell. The reality is the success you are looking for is gonna require hard work and as you progress you are gonna need help. This is one of Matt’s areas of expertise. He wants to teach you how to Stop Doing It All ! As he explains, this hurts your business!


    Your business will never reach its full potential while you’re in the way.



    Learn about SOPs - standard operating procedures. This is a document that contains how you do things.

     Don’t let excuses keep you from the life you desire.

     Stop Doing It All and focus on what makes you money!  


    Take a look at this testimony from Jamie Graham






    But most sellers are operating like a player when they need to be the coach.
    Business operates like a sports team. It needs to have a coach and players. 

    But most sellers are operating like a player when they need to be the coach.


    Learn about SOPs - standard operating procedures. This is a document that contains how you do things. 

     Don’t let excuses keep you from the life you desire. 

     Stop Doing It All and focus on what makes you money!  

    Take a look at this testimony from Jamie Graham

    Don't continue to feel as if your business is stalled. Get serious about systems and move towards hiring help so you can focus on what makes you money. 


    Matt has a great story of trial and errors and his goal is to shave the edges off to save you time and money. 

    He grew the business just shy of $100,000 per month while working just a few hours a week.

    "What you don’t know is all the battles I had to fight just to stay alive... 

    In my first year on amazon together, my partner and I battled:

    IP Infringement (and yes we actually did violate someone’s IP, but it was a mistake the factory purposely allowed us to make that costs us thousands)

    Listings all of a sudden becoming ineligible for sale (the dreaded FDA violation email... those were bogus though and we had to get creative to get the listings back but we prevailed)

    Getting scammed on Alibaba by a hacker (still don’t know how that happened)

    Competitor’s pulling our listings down (by claiming IP infringement, but they were grasping at straws… still it kept us busy needlessly)

    One account suspended for 5 months (inventory and money held up until we threatened to sue, and then magically it became unsuspended)

    PPC fraud ($3000 in fraudulent clicks that amazon didn’t care to refund or investigate properly)

    Lost inventory (tons of it, and amazon drug their happy little feet paying us for it too)

    Factories producing crap quality products (different from the samples we received)

    Entitled reviewers (leaving nasty reviews on some of our listings b/c they felt entitled to more free product and we wouldn’t give it to them; I don’t miss the reviewers btw I’m glad Amazon is pushing them out.

    And we still prevailed.

    But not without a huge cost.

    When my business partner balanced our books in December he found at how much money amazon made from us, and how little money we were actually making from amazon.

    We were taking all the risks...

    And seeing how amazon closed one of our accounts and gave us zero opportunity for appeal... 

    He didn’t feel secure placing his trust in amazon for his income… even if it was good income at the time.

    So he left the business.

    He went his separate way but the business still needed to run.

    I was left to run a business without a partner or authority to make financial decisions. 

    Not good...

    Because we disagreed about matters of huge importance… that business died a painful death.

    And it couldn’t have happened at a worst time.

    I left my corporate job and needed the income. Just as we were starting to get paid good money this happened.

    To add more pressure, my wife had been waiting patiently on me since our daughter was born. 

    Now she wanted nothing more than to be a stay at home mom… 

    I had told my wife we were about to replace her income from her 6 figure job so she could finally come home. We were so close to freedom we could taste it… and then the door slammed shut.

    With $40k in the bank and roughly $40k in debt I had a decision to make.

    Start a new amazon business --OR-- go back to a job.

    I was too proud to get a job so I started another amazon business.

    This time I was determine to avoid the same mistakes.

    I started everything from scratch.

    I had no partner, no employees, no products.

    I hired employees to help me shortcut the workload. 

    I used my systems to help get them trained up fast.

    We launched and ranked a few products to get the cash coming in. 

    Rinsed and repeated the process.

    And in less than a year I was finally able to bring my wife home from her 6 figure corporate job.

    What helped Matt the most he explains is because he had systems in place. 

    Learn the rest of his story and how he can help you improve your business along with many other strategies such as hiring the right people to help you.



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