Omni Channel Strategy

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   Today, most businesses share the multi channel experience. This means that the business has a website, blog and platforms to connect but the experience for the customer is not seamless. Here is where it gets confusing, Omni channels uses different channels but the experience may not be a multi channel. Whaaaat? 

  In order for your customer to have a omni channel experience, your digital marketing on your platforms, your website and campaign ads must all work together. In other words, your content must align together. There are large companies who have already started creating a wonderful omni channel experience. On average in the US, 213 million adults use 4 different devices to access the online world. 

To implement your strategy, you will need to become familiar with data integration. Powerful data that can share customers interactions no matter what device they use or channel. 



Omni Channel Strategies

  •  Build a strategy that fits with your brand
  • Knowledge of the customer
  • Real time updates
  • IOT- enabling your software and devices to communicate
  • Learn how the customer uses your channels such as mobile app, desktop and social media
  • Map our customer's path from entering your store of website to the cart. it should be a smooth transition
  • Use messaging
  • Customized check out point




  If you have brick and mortar stores it is very important that employees have access to customer's purchase history to have an idea to help make the experience better. The goal is a smooth ride for every customer, if they are shopping with their smart phone and switch to their desk top that their information is saved where they can pick right back up where they left off. Consider adding plugins such as reward program. Again the goal is for the customer's experience to be smooth throughout each channel.   
Marketing Architects posted "A recent Harvard Business Review study of nearly 50,000 retail consumers found omni channel customers—those who engaged via both online and offline channels—were far more valuable to the brand. They spent more, both online and in-store, visited the retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations more often, were more loyal and more likely to recommend the brand".

This is a slow process, but each step you make will direct you to more sales and better customer experience. 


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