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There are millions of successful entrepreneurs reaping the benefits of having their own business online. Everyday more and more people are living their dreams and quitting their 9 to 5 jobs. Scary right?  The truth is it is not all glamour and vacation time, it is a great deal of hard work but it is so worth it! These are just a few jobs to think about. 

Many of these online ventures can start up for around $100. eBay, consulting, and even drop shipping. Large number of people have been successful putting their small business online. Have you ever googled a dog walker in your area or a painter?



1.    Start your own eCommerce store. To be successful you need to research and find a niche that works for you. Check out Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.


  • Learn market online research

  • Understand laws and regulations for online eCommerce

  • How to source and manufacture products

  • Learn how to appeal to your target audience

  • Build your online store


If you would like more information or have questions on setting up a professional Amazon selling account feel free to contact John at


2Start your own YouTube channel.   Starting a YouTube channel is a great and inexpensive way to get yourself and your brand out there to be seen. Felix Kjellberg is one of YouTube's biggest stars. He is known as PewDiePie and on average he makes around 12 million a year. He has the most subscribed channel and is a one man show playing video games like Minecraft.


  • Decide what your channel is going to be about

  • Weather you are a comedian, gamer, hobbyist teaching a skill, promoting your channel will give you the opportunity to make money.  



    There are a few different ways to make money on YouTube


    Monetize YouTube video-  This means pays per clicks that views use from your videos. 

    Crowdfunding-  This is a great way to share your ideas and gain funding by asking viewers for support.

    Affiliate marketing- Create videos about products and services and promote them.  Each of your links that make a sale you will be paid a commission.





    3. Start a Podcast. Podcasts have become extremely popular over the past few years. Podcast can be about anything and it allows anyone to be talk show host or DJ. 




    • Choose a topic

    • Define your audience/ target market

    • Choose what type of format

    • Name your show





    4. Cryptocurrency Mining - Learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency

    and how to set up mining rigs. Investing or buying bitcoins hoping the price will increase is risky business. 


    • Go through a company or buy your own hardware. Cloud mining is renting part of the software and paying someone else to mine for you. 

    • Choose a package and some ask to join a mining team

    • Select a wallet to put your bitcoins in. 



    5. Virtual Assistant- Virtual assistants have become a high demand for many businesses that need help remotely. Just look at Nathan Hirsch. He has specialized talent from customer service to web development and digital marketing. 


    • Organize systems and processes

    • Keep the boss’ work day organized and on Track

    • Answer emails

    • Schedule meetings







    There are thousands of online businesses that are waiting to be created. Become your own boss by doing what you love. How about a travel consultant, a baker, website designer, crowdfunding consultant, life coach and dating coach. The online business opportunities are limitless if you put your creativity to work.


    The very definition of an entrepreneur means talking about a person with great, innovating ideas that identifies the need for the creation of a business to feel a void. It seems that the internet and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand. To be a successful entrepreneur you need passion, vision, knowledge, and discipline. Choose a mentor that will hold you accountable and not let you get off easy. Just because there are millions online just means there are more options for you to consider what type of niche or business to start the will fuel your passion and help you reach your goals.




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