Dave Hermansen the Store Coach:"Viable Ways to Sell Products in 2018 With Dave Hermansen the Store Coach"


Dave is one of the pioneers of dropship ecommerce Dave and his brothers have built over 100 successful online stores since 2003. Dave and his brothers started teaching others their ecommerce techniques in 2008 and have since coached hundreds of other entrepreneurs to ecommerce success.

Dave got started in eCommerce in 2003. At that time, there was very little information available on the web about how to build and market an online store. With nothing more than a $50 e-book he purchased on how to build a Yahoo store, Dave largely learned eCommerce through trial and error at first. Over the years, he would participate in several Internet Marketing and SEO programs/courses, though he still credits most of his "education" to his hands-on experience through the 60+ stores he's built and operated.

In this Webinar You will Discover:


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