Jacob Topping: "Going beyond the safety of Merch By Amazon, and into the World of Print On Demand""


.Jacob Topping husband to Tara Topping & father of 3 young kids (Jono-8, Oliver-7 and Alexis-6). He lives in a small countryside village near Canada’s capital city Ottawa, Ontario.
Jacob has been selling online marketplaces since 1999, uses multiple selling Platforms including large marketplaces like Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Etsy, Ebay, Redbubble, and 16 others. 
His book: Merch and the World of Print On Demand was initially released in March 2017, and has since had 5 revisions, including a total overhaul in March 2018, is now 365 pages of content, and has already sold over $50,000(CND) via ONE platform (not Amazon) in it’s first year online. The Print version is being unleashed before April 2018.

Prior to transitioning into Print On Demand full time, Jacob was working as a private contractor with the Canadian Federal Government doing some secret things related to Data Analytics and Custom Software.
Jacob’s prior activities include: licensed iOS and Android developer, financial planner, financial advisor (including stock broker), licensed mortgage broker, licensed insurance agent, licensed travel agent, English teacher, and more! LOVING travel, has lived-in or travelled to: India, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Across Canada (EVERY province coast to coast, even up north in the Yukon and North West Territories), USA (most states, including Alaska, Hawaii, east coast and west coast), even Mexico!

Jacob holds a 4yr BA Degree in Economics, and a Minor in Business with concentration in Management of Information Systems (MIS) from Carleton University, and has achieved several professional designations including: CSC, PFPC, CFP1, Senior Advisor, LLqP, ACTRA, OSSAD, IATA, IATAN and others.
Jacob also enjoys the outdoors.

In this Webinar You will Discover:

Jacob will provide a live video conversation around ways that sellers can take their Print On Demand business steps further, beyond just Merch By Amazon, and into the World of Print On Demand - full #MultiPOD


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