Jason Miles 5 E-commerce Optimization Techniques That Can Double Your Net Profit

Jason Miles

Jason is a Top 1% Shopify seller, (his Pixie Faire site is ranked 503rd out of 368,000 Shopify sites). He's been featured as a popular case study by Shopify - and he regularly speaks and partners with premier online publishers on the topic of e-commerce and social media. He's written three bestselling books published by McGraw-Hill and available in bookstores worldwide (Instagram Power, Pinterest Power, and Youtube Marketing Power). 

In this presentation you’ll learn 5 little-known e-commerce optimization strategies that will help you radically improve your net profit. Topics will include,

In this Webinar You will Discover:

The 2 Paths To Expand Your Net Profit In The Next 12 Months

  • The Widen The Jaws Methodology
  • Omni-Channel Selling Strategies

The 2 Times Omni-Channel Selling Should Be Avoided

  • How To Use A.I. To Radically Optimize Your Net Profit
  • A Step-By-Step Method For Conducting Profitability Reviews To Find Unproductive Time & Money

Five Apps That Will Radically Improve Your Net Profit

Modality Shifting Explained

And much more…


Each participate will receive a free digital workbook and free paperback workbook (just cover S+H).

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