Automated Keywording to Grow Your RA/OA & Wholesale Business

Barbara Boschen

Barbara Boschen of CoMerchants joins us to talk about EasyKey and its benefits. EasyKey is a recently launched product which helps RA/OA and Wholesale sellers sell more of what they sell. EasyKey was designed to let RA/OA and Wholesale Amazon sellers take advantage of the tool that PL sellers have long been using to increase traffic and grow sales – keywording. Now you can, easily and affordably, add keywords to all your listings by letting EasyKey gather your competitors information, compare it to your listing and then enter the missing keywords into your back-end search term fields. EasyKey does it all and with just a few clicks and you can keyword 500 listings in the fraction of the time it takes a PL Seller to do just one listing. And all for just pennies a listing.