Ashley KinKead:"How to Start a Private Label Lifestyle Business"

"How to Start a Private Label Lifestyle Business" With Ashley KinKead what I'm going to go over - - My experience selling on Amazon FBA - Transition from bookseller to Private Label in less then 2 years - Why I do Private Label - Benefits of Private Label - Lifestyle Benefits of Private Labeling and FBA


Ashley began her Amazon selling business in 2015, wanting to quit her dead-end job and start earning online income. She learned about selling on Amazon and started with less then $500, selling used books from Goodwill and thrift stores. She sold over 20,000 books on Amazon. By 2016, she built up her business to doing 6 figures a month of sales of RA and OA sourcing. She longed for a more sustainable and "safe" business model that would allow her to travel freely, spend more time with her family and have unlimited income. In the last 8 months, she has completely transitioned her Amazon business to 95% Private Label. Now, she has 3 thriving Private Label brands that will generate over $1 million of sales this year.

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