Fernando Sustaita: Print on Demand Mastery.

Print on Demand Mastery with Fernando Sustaita. What do I need to get Started? Do I need to know how to design? Where can I sell my Product? What is the potential and can it be Scaled?


Fernando lives in Spring, Texas with his wife Carla and his 3 kids. He has a BS Degree in International Business Marketing with a Minor in Psychology. Fernando began his online adventure selling toys on E-Bay back in 1998 and on Amazon that same year but he found Amazon to not be what he needed to sell his collectible toys and stick to Ebay. For the next 7 years he would continue to sell part time on EBay shortly after having his first Child in 2006 when he decided to take his career seriously and grow on the corporate ladder. Fernando had a successful career in the Oil and Gas Industry in the area of Contract Law until the Oil downturn of 2015 forced his current place of employment to file for bankruptcy leading him to be laid off from a senior level position. Thankfully in mid 2014 Fernando had already began selling on Amazon once more, with the goal to retire from the Oil and Gas Industry in 5 years, little did he know that he would be forced to go full time at it next year. So, In the Summer of 2015 he embarked on being a full time Entrepreneur. His need to find other income streams led him to find Merch by Amazon and now everything is history. He has been able to replace his 6 figure job he had in 2015 by selling Print on Demand Products and he has pledged to never worked for another Company again at the age of 40. Fernando enjoys teaching what he learns. He strongly believes in education and lives by the motto that knowledge is useless if you don’t share it. On his Print on Demand Mastery Course, Fernando will guide you on all the steps you need, from having almost no knowledge of the Industry to having a successful business if you are committed, he doesn’t believe in get rich quick schemes, every successful story begins with a dream transformed in to hard work, consistency and continuous education.

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