Show 101 "Tracey Wallace" Should Brand Marketing Be Part of Your Long Term Solution?

An interview covering the changing ecommerce space and the need for brands to build a true brand based on storytelling, not only performance marketing. Will talk about the linear commerce model, and how upstarts like Eterneva in not well known industries can make a dent, even early on, and begin planning for long-term growth and loyalty.

Tracey Wallace is the Head of Brand Marketing at Eterneva, where she works to re-shape the conversation around death, dying, and grief, and remove the stigma around having the hard, vulnerable conversations necessary to die and grieve well. Her background is in content marketing, SEO, partner marketing, and business development. She is most passionate about connecting the dots across various disciplines to reveal overarching trends mirroring our humanity back to us. She has been honing this craft since age 9, when her mother finally gave in to her pleading for a monthly subscription to Vogue, a magazine she immediately began to copy edit. She strives to be a polymath, but also really loves HGTV. You can find her work in Entrepreneur, Forbes, MSNBC, Refinery29, 2PM, BigCommerce, Thrive Global, Open to Hope, Two Hearts Pet Loss, and many, many other outlets.

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