Show 115 "Anthony Cofrancesco" Best Practices for Conversion Optimization in 2020


In this talk, Anthony will be giving a detailed breakdown of the absolute best strategies for conversion optimization on Amazon. Unlike other optimization talks, this presentation will dive deep into giving you detailed insights into exactly how to tailor your listings to your customers. This talk will go beyond conversion optimization from a purely visual standpoint and give you step-by-step instructions for how to take a more data-backed approach to manage your Amazon creative assets. Be ready to take notes and ask questions as the co-founder of Virtuous Graphics shares the best tips and tricks (zero fluff or pitching) based on 3 years in business and more than 3,000+ clients.

3 takeaways:
1. Remove yourself and your personal bias from the equation when optimizing your listing. Be sure to fully understand who your customer is and what problem your product is solving. Work your way backward to proactively overcome any and all objections in order to increase your conversion rate.
2. As time goes on, the value of the brand registry will only increase. After a product is validated, you'll want to move as quickly as possible in order to build a long term strategy for visually differentiating your brand in a professional and relevant way.
3. Don't forget about visually differentiating your product from the point of inception including product dynamic packaging and product material design.

Anthony Cofrancesco is a former Operations Manager at Amazon who quit his job in 2018 to relocate full-time to Manila, Philippines to help scale a company called Virtuous Graphics. Anthony is responsible for growing the company from 8 to more than 30 full-time creatives in under 8 months, doubling revenue and ultimately exciting after-sale to Alpha Rock Capital. Anthony consistently shares his creative insights on conversation optimization within the Amazon community and has been featured as a speaker in conferences and web shows around the globe. Prior to working at Amazon, Anthony has worked in corporate finance and business strategy at companies including Verizon, and Savanti Travel. Despite his young age of 25, Anthony is an avid traveler who stays up to 100 nights per year in hotels and has visited 37 countries

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