Show #87 Abe Chomali "Importance of Benchmarking your business"


With nearly 30 years of selling under his belt, Abe has experience with nearly all areas of eCommerce. From research to sourcing to customer support, he's worked with all areas of running an eCommerce business. 

- Over $200 million in lifetime sales

- Experience selling on platforms ranging from Amazon to eBay to Yahoo! to print magazines

- From advertising to customer support working with remote teams, he's grown all areas of running a successful business. 


Some ofthe top questions that were addressed.

What is benchmarking?

- Why is benchmarking important?

- Do I need to benchmark even if I'm small or just starting out?

- Do I need to benchmark if my business is doing well?

- What kinds of benchmarking can I do?

- What areas of a business are good for benchmarking?

- How do you perform benchmarking?

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