Show 92 Eric Bussey "How To Use Facebook Messenger And Chatbots to Drive Sales And Get Reviews All On Autopilot"

3 things that you can take away from the talk:

1) How Messenger Marketing can change their business and can be automated

2) How important it is to have a customer list for a brand

3) How to leverage Facebook ads, promo codes, and a chatbot to boost sales and reviews, while building your list.


A few years ago, I was working full time in the pest control industry. Starting my Amazon business while working full time, I was able to create a full time income from that business and quit my full time job. Having built an automated Amazon business I was able to focus on digital advertising strategies the last couple years. I have been a coach for Jim Cockrum Coaching for two years teaching people how to sell on Amazon as well as unique Facebook Advertising strategies.

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